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No Cabinet Backglass on Update

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  • No Cabinet Backglass on Update

    The new version seems to break my backglasses for the cabinet. I had every game with a backglass. Now I get the message with the location to put the images and when I put them there, still no backglass images displayed. The image location now seems to have changed. prior they were in the same location as the pxp file. Anyone else have this issue on the cabinets? I can't even get the PinballFX3.png image to display on load.

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    I have the same problem, my images are .jpg and they do not look, I have tried several folders and it does not show them in any of them, I have tried several formats and I still do the same.

    In addition, if you run it with the desktop horizontally and 270 rotate in the game, everything is unbalanced, you have to exit with the Windows key and re-launch from the taskbar, but this already involves the use of keyboard and mouse.

    If you execute it with the desktop vertically and 0 rotation in the game, this does not happen, but you will not be able to capture media, at least with the program that I use, since this program only records with the screens horizontally.


    Yo tengo el mismo problema, mis imágenes son .jpg y no se ven, he probado varias carpetas y no las muestra en ninguna, he probado varios formatos y sigo igual.

    Además, si lo ejecutas con el escritorio en horizontal y 270 de rotación en el juego, se descuadra todo, hay que salir con la tecla Windows y volver a lanzar desde la barra de tareas, pero esto ya implica el uso de teclado y ratón.

    Si lo ejecutas con el escritorio en vertical y 0 de rotación en el juego, no pasa esto, pero no podrás capturar medias, al menos con el programa que yo uso, ya que este programa solo graba con las pantallas en horizontal.


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      No response from ZEN?


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        This is a two-fold issue:

        1 - They have moved the directory FX3 looks in for the back glass from "~/Steam/steamapps/common/Pinball FX3/data/steam" to "~/Steam/steamapps/common/Pinball FX3"

        2 - They have also added ":" to the end of all file Nnames, eg. "Alien_Isolation:.png". It is not possible to put ":" in a file name.

        Please fix! My cabinet is sad


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          Any timeframe on this?

          Bump for blank screen anger.


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            I noticed the : in the file name as well. Not well play tested to be sure. I would think they would have a test cabinet to try. Why would you even modify this part of the code? I'm a developer myself and this change makes absolutely no sense to make. First thing, do no harm.


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              I find it regrettable that they publish an update that affects cabinets without having tested it first.

              But more regrettable is that 48 hours later we remain the same and without an answer or solution from Zen.

              There are solutions? Of course, yes, disable the backglass in the game and let PinballX show it.

              But this is not the solution, it must be the game that shows it, I do not execute Pinball FX3 from PinballX, I execute it directly and now I have to play without backglass.


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                The same thing happens to me, the images are not seen after the update, to see if they solve it soon.


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                  I am also having this problem. Get black screen with file name at top.


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                    The same happens to me. changed images folder and nothing at all


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                      We still no news of ZEN?


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                        I also have the same problem!


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                          Same deal as everyone else. To add, i use PinballX, and while it's just a backglass problem using Steam/FX3, using PinballX after the new update makes the playfield also black/not appear. DMD only, and i can hear the game, it'll play, I just can't see it.

                          Every time they make an update, it has a drastic affect on my cabinet. The last problem was a screen rotation issue i had to fix myself, so their lack of support is pretty disappointing.


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                            Apparently Steam developers actually check their forums. One says they are aware and are working on it.


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                              Hey Guys! We absolutely aware of this issue, we try to find a solution as soon as possible!