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Can we find a way to improve camera view in pinball fx3?

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  • Can we find a way to improve camera view in pinball fx3?

    Hello everyone i d like to speak about camera angle issues although pinball fx is a really excellent game!!!

    I wish we could have a view where you can see the whole table or almost but not to far ( view 1 is a bit far,2 a lot even if it's the closest view to real pinball ). I like view 5 and 6 but you don't see the top of the map. Finally i play actually with view 7 where you can see all with nice zoom when going to the top of the table, but this view is really too far to really appreciate the great graphics of this awesome game! (i'm on ps4 no mods or anything to change view ).

    In my opinion devs should add more views for this game and the option to enable or not moving camera. There would be like 10 views which means 20 with camera moves or not.

    At least i would like to know if devs just "can't" add this or if they're thinking about it to give anyone the most satisfying view.
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    Yes Zen, please add a feature to stop the camera moving on all the views... That would make gameplay awesome. Also can you make it so we can see the ball launch on all the views too?


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      +1 for ball launch on all wiews, it sounds like an evidence in a pinball game, especially in pinball fx3 where every tables have there own amazing original effects for ball launch.


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        Camera Views

        I suggested this to ZEN shortly after they released FX3. My main hope/concern was that they would have a camera view that would be close up for the multi-ball modes like they had in FX2.

        Crap, now I can hardly see what to shoot for in the multi-ball mode because the camera view is so far out.