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[Switch] Minor bug with "Enter initials: classic"

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  • [Switch] Minor bug with "Enter initials: classic"

    When using the classic initials window at the end of a game on Switch, progress is blocked when the new UI option "Handheld control" is so to "Touch only".

    The game does not accept touch input for the classic initials window, and the controller buttons are disabled via the new menu setting. A workaround is to just use the modern initials window where a virtual keyboard appears, but I prefer the classic version because it saves my initials and does not cut off the table outro. I also prefer to disable the controller buttons, otherwise I can accidentally touch the L/ZL buttons while holding the Switch in portrait mode, which disables touch input while the button is pressed.

    A solution would be to enable the default touch controls for the flippers/launch to allow modifying the classic initials window.

    Edit: I just noticed another bug with touch controls. While the mission select screen is up on the Doom table, the touch input for "launch" is sometimes missing, so you can't start a mission manually and have to wait for the timer to expire. I don't know if this is relevant, but I set my dot matrix size to large.

    Edit 2: And another bug, this time related to the new setting "Handheld control". If this is set to "Touch", the pro controller does not work in docked mode, at least not during gameplay. Going by the name of the setting I would expect that the game ignores the setting when the Switch is docked, but this does not seem to happen.
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