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Missing/invisible tournament PS4

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  • Missing/invisible tournament PS4

    I've created a 7-day tournament on 05/08/18 at approx. 21:05 UTC. on PS4 for the table Star Wars: Droids.

    Some people already played it, and the next day the tournament was gone (invisible).

    When I try to create a new tournament, I get the error message that says only 1 tournament can be created at the same time, so apparently my previous tournament is on the servers somewhere but invisible to us. See the attached screenshot for the error message.

    Can you please make my previous tournament visible again? I know more people are suffering/have suffered from the same problem.

    My PSN-ID: KingCat78

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    Hey Kingcat!

    There was an error with the tournaments, we reset almost all of them since then.

    I'll add yours to the list that are to be manually reloaded.

    Thanks for reporting!


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      Yep, it's visible again. I also sent an e-mail today and I got a response from Zsofia. I was asked for my User-ID and it was visible again within a few hours.

      Thanks for helping us out here with fast support! I wish more companies were like this ;-)

      You're welcome to join my facebook pinball club at:


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        Hey! Thanks for the feedback KingCat78! We are glad that you are able to enjoy the tournament again!