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Any plans fo Star Wars and Marvel on the Nintendo Switch?

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  • Any plans fo Star Wars and Marvel on the Nintendo Switch?

    Now that the gameplay on the switch is fantastic... Are there any plans to release all of them Star Wars and Marvel tables too?
    And if yes, will there be seperate versions or will they be all packed within Pinball FX3?

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    Hey Boulderdash! Thanks for the awesome suggestion! Currently we don't have any information about new releases on Switch, but we definitely keep our community updated!


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      Lovely! Thank you.


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        Hello. Since you recently released Williams vol. 1 on Switch (it's awesome!) I understand that most of your developers work on the next volume of Williams tables. But if you somehow have some spare time on your devs, please let them port (or confirm playability) of Marvel and Star Wars tables. I have some new Marvel and SW tables missing on my PS4 but I'd rather buy them on my Switch since there is no way of sharing tables across platforms.


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          Hi I gradually lost interest and I stopped buying new tables on switch until they release the sw and Marvel which I doubt they will at this point.... :-(