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  • Some recommendations please

    Hi All,

    After a several year hiatus due to 'FX2 pinball grind burnout' I've now got the itch to play again.

    I used to play on Xbox 360 but I'm a PS4 gamer now which means I don't have any of my old tables

    But I'm more interested in the newer ones anyhow. I think the last pack I bought was the Star Wars one with the Boba Fett table on it.
    Pretty much everything after that I have little knowledge of.

    So Im looking for recommendations for anything after that really. I prefer the harder tables / shorter games if that helps. Are the Aliens ones any good - I think they are on sale at the moment.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Glad to see you back...although I wish you were still on Xbox.

    The Aliens tables are great and since they are on sale, that would be a no-brainer. Also, Portal is cool and not that easy (at least for me).


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      I remember you from the PBFX2 days. I'd definitely recommend the Aliens pack: great tables, balanced, moderately challenging with nice presentation & lots of cool audio cues. Also, if you want a challenging table, buy the Fox pack. The tables are all excellent, with differing difficulty, but Archer is hands down the hardest with a steep learning curve.
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        Thanks both.

        Although I enjoy the PS4 pinball fx is the worst game to switch platforms on. You lose all your tables and all your friends!

        ill give the Aliens tables a whirl first then I think.

        I'll post my PSN id once I'm up and running and hopefully add a few of you on here. I remember back in the day I could play for hours. Those days hav changed unfortunately. If I could crack a couple of top 100's I would be well pleased. The leaderboards do work right???


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          I'm not on PS4 so I can't comment on the leaderboards - let us know what you think of the tables once you've put some time into them.


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            The Predator vs. Alien from the Aliens pack is my favorite game that ZEN has put out. Lots of fun and does not take long to play. Wish they would develop a game based on the original Predator. Also 'DOOM' is also a game that meets your criteria and is a lot of fun.


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              El Dorado, Rome and Son of Zeus. Classic pinball at its best and hardly any irritating, long cut scenes!


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                Can you guess which one I like the best?
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                Accomplishments in real life

                1. Rolled a star wars played over 99 levels and rolled it back to level 1.
                2. Rolled Nintendo punch out, several times, same quarter.
                3. Played an entire game of dragons lair and completed it and won while blindfolded.


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                  The Marvel pack with Iron Man, Wolverine, Blade, ans Spider-Man is still one of my favorites. If you don't like Marvel though, the Star Wars one with the Han Solo table is really fun.