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Update breaks High Score Initials - Cabinet Mode

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  • Update breaks High Score Initials - Cabinet Mode

    Well this latest broke entering high score initials in cabinet mode using the legacy high score mode. When the game is over you used to be able to select your initials with the flipper buttons, no more. None of the buttons work to scroll to select your initials. Your only option is to escape out of the game.

    This is the 2nd time an update has broken a basic feature, the 1st was the missing backglasses. This makes me wonder what else breaks 'internally' with each release.

    This is in the steam version.

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    Same issue as Ken. I emailed support last week and haven't got a reply. Also left a message on Steam discussions to when this will be fixed.


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      Hey kencaine & GAH1068! We already solved this issue which will be released in the next patch. Thanks for your report!