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Pinball FX3 on Switch - Bug in Vertical Mode

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  • Chili
    Hey CrispyJoe! Thanks for your question! Actually yes, you are right, Switch doesn't support that mode, we got this question couple of times in the past. You are not able to use the up/down buttons at the same time. (which would make sense when you use the controller in vertical mode) Have a nice day!

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  • CrispyJoe
    started a topic Pinball FX3 on Switch - Bug in Vertical Mode

    Pinball FX3 on Switch - Bug in Vertical Mode


    I hope some developers will read this or can forward it. And I also hope that this is the right place for bug reports.

    I play it quite often in vertical mode. It's like if the game was just made for that Unfortunately it's not possible to trigger both flippers at the same time when using the "Up and Down keys" (if you hold it regular). In vertical mode these two buttons are exactly below the two flippers and it's more or less comfortable to hold the switch like that with both thumbs on these buttons. If you're confused what I'm talking about, please let me know, then I'll attach a screenshot. Maybe it's a "feature" of the Switch, but I can't imagine that the Switch prevents one from using two buttons at once.

    I've recently bought the game. I didn't play pinball for quite a while and since I got it I already invested lots of hours, alone, as well as in hot seat mode together with my wife. It's really a cool game and I already bought all table packs, because I couldn't resist