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Game exits every time on Pinball FX3 logo

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    Originally posted by Burzz View Post
    The recent patch fixed the issue I was experiencing, and I just wanted to say thanks to everyone at Zen Studios! I was really frustrated to have hit such a snag right after picking up dlc, but I appreciate the attention to the matter and getting it resolved. I decided to pick up all of the available tables and i've been having a blast. Are there any plans to release additional Zen branded tables? As much as I like seeing the licensed tables, some of my favorites are the Zen ones.
    Mine seems to be working again too.


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      The patch does´nt work for me (and others on Steam)
      The game still crashes at startup. The screen goes first green then black and then back to desktop.
      For some tables the Pinball FX3-loading screen shows up (Star Wars Ep6 e.g.) but then the game still crashes back to desktop.

      I7/6 Cores @3.2GHz

      Maybe I should also mention that I use the cabinet-mode!
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        I have been having the same problem since July 3rd. I have send crash dumps also. I am on win 10, GTX1060, cabinet mode. Steam Fx3.
        Tried to delete profile, did not work. Even deleted the .exe and had steam reload, did not work.

        Really frustrating.... Had a party and planning to show off these new games and Zen breaks the software for July 4th.....

        They need a way to rollback...

        How can a software company rollout software without a rollback plan if this occurs. Bugs happen, but you have to have a plan to deal with them..


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 still crashes when using a Multi monitor-setup When i deactivate all monitors except for one the game starts.
          Specs 2 posts above

          And I do agree with ralans. You guys really need to test your software way better before releasing a new version. Also the update-frequency lately is way to fast to asure a descent quality! And for mayor problems like the last ones you guys really need a rollback-plan!

          And here is a special wish for us cabinet-users: PLEASE give us the possibilty to choose if we want to update or not! Building a working cabinet is a LOT of work and with every update there is a lot to reconfigure like DOFLinx, which needs to be rebuild for every FX3-version which is pure madness.
          So please, please, with cherry on top, let us buy AND enjoy all of your awesome tables and don't force us to use a non-legal version someday just to be able to play the tables we paid for
          I own almost every table in FX2, FX3 and all FX2VR-tables and I would love to keep supporting you guys. That's why I don't wait for a sale but buy all new tables for the full price on release. But with every new version the problems we cabinet-users have to deal with are getting worse and worse

          Thanks in advance and best regards,


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            Helloooo?! FX3 still crashes while using multi-monitor-setups and NO word from Zen on this matter! It´s now almost a week and FX3 still crashes And I´m not the only one. Take a look at the FX3-Communitys on Fb, Flippermarkt, VPinball etc. Cabinet-users are still not able to use FX3!

            Specs (again):
            Geforce GTX 1080
            FX3 (latest build)


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              It crashes for me too. Anyone have success fixing it?

              I'm launching from PinballX to launch tables directly. Sometimes it never starts because PinballFX3 quits immediately when the table loads. Sometimes a table will load and I can play a full game, but shortly after "Game Over", PinballFX3 will quit again.

              Launching directly from Windows or from Steam, I get similar results. Sometimes FX3 will quit before I get to a menu, other times after I select a table and other times after I finish game.

              I've sent email to support but no answer for weeks.