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Cabinet Mode - Backglass DMD

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  • Cabinet Mode - Backglass DMD

    I had everything working fine in fx3 cabinet mode, but i recentyly did a clean install with windows 10 and now i cant get backglass or dmd to show. I'm using 2 monitors both are 1920x1080 monitor 2 is the main display and the table shows up fine my 2nd monitor is positioned to the right when you look at display setting have tried many coordinates and nothing shows up on the back glass. i know uses to when no back glass was there it would show the path to where to put the backglass but not it just shows the normal blank screen. Any ideas or what the coordinates should be. Driving me crazy. Everthing else working fine.

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    From what you described, I would think that they should be:

    x(horizontal): -1920
    y(vertical): 0