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    Only discovered that Pinball FX3 existed in the summer sale - bought Star Trek TNG table for pinball arcade, then had a look to see what other pinball games there were, and looked like this was the best one so bought about 40% of the tables for it.

    By default the steam controller (on the version of FX3 on Steam at least) has the right grip as well as X change view. I keep pressing it every now and then by mistake, and the left grip doesn't cycle through views the opposite way around. I haven't found a way to disable it.

    Could it be changed so that either the right grip is disabled by default so only X changes the view, or that right grip changes view 1->2->3->4->5.., and the left grip cycles the view the other way so its easy to change back again (or even both implemented so it works for both preferences)?

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    The main advantage of the steam controller is that you can almost configure anything, every button, trigger, touchpads.
    You should have started Pinball FX via the "big picture" option in steam.
    While in Pinball FX press the "Steam" button.
    Select "controller configuration"
    You will see a picture of the controller and all buttons - follow the lines in the middle of the controller to the left and the right.
    These are the grip buttons. Disable them with the X button. Done.


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      Thanks, I was wondering if there was an option I hadn't seen - works OK now. Had the controller since January, suppose I should have worked that one out before.