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Cabinet Mode -switchable?

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  • Cabinet Mode -switchable?

    Hi all

    I use FX3in my Arcade Cab but plan to build a Virtual Pin next year.
    I have requested a code for cab mode already.

    My question is when I get that Cab Code am I able somehow to use it to 'experiment / see' how cab mode looks on my 2nd monitor and yet EASILY switch FX3 back to desktop mode so I can just play the games as I do now.

    In other words can I select / switch between the 2 modes without hassle?

    At this early stage I just want to run the PF in a 2nd monitor and see how the game looks and feels ( no DMD or BG screen at this stage )


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    Hey! Thanks for your question! I saw you request and I sent you the code already. Please check out this link, hope you will find your answer there:

    Have a great day!