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Warning! For those considering the beta!

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  • Warning! For those considering the beta!

    If you do decide to do the Beta, Steam will remove your current version of FX3 and install the beta version, which has only Sorceror's Lair and the 4 Williams tables, only one of which is playable, Fish Tales, with the other three being Trial versions of the tables that you can only play for a limited time. Then if you decide you want to play just the regular FX3, you have to opt of out of the beta, and then it has to reinstall the whole FX3 program again. So, you can beta or you have regular FX3, but you can't have both.

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    Why not a seperate „FX3_beta“ version?


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      Can this be confirmed please.
      THIS THREAD is the reason I haven't tried Williams Tables yet....


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            Frustrating as it may be, I think there should have been a separate beta. The Solo pack is coming Wednesday and I don't want to reinstall to go back and forth. Perhaps I will just wait for the Beta to be over and then get the solo pack.

            Tough choices Zen


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              There is a small work around if you don't feel like downloading 5gb of data each time you switch between beta and release.

              1. Navigate to your steam games install folder, usually C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common
              2. Make a copy of the Pinball FX3 folder, name it Pinball FX3 - Release
              3. Go back into your steam settings and opt into the williams-beta. This will download the beta version of the game.

              So now you will have 2 folders, one being Pinball FX3(the beta), and the other of the release files (Pinball FX3 - Release), so then if you want to switch back to the release version of the game;

              1. Rename the Pinball FX3 folder to Pinball FX3 - Beta,
              2. and rename Pinball FX3 - Release to just Pinball FX3.
              3. Then opt out of williams-beta within steam, it will verify the files but not re-download everything.

              Repeat the process each time you want to opt in/out of the beta.
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                Can this be confirmed please what Moosebox said. That would be great!


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                  They should be separated.
                  I have had to remove it and not put it back even after having tasted only one table, for this same reason.
                  Deberían estar separadas.
                  Yo he tenido que quitarla y no volver a ponerla aun habiendo probado solo una mesa, por este mismo motivo.


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                    There is also a possible issue with the Pinball FX Williams Beta killing the Skyrim table lockpick mechanic. I currently have a completely BLACK SCREEN where there should be a lockpicking simulation going. The DMD is visible though but that's all.