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Issues with FX2 tables not showing as purchased on Steam

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  • Issues with FX2 tables not showing as purchased on Steam

    When we moved from FX2 to FX3, there were issues with some FX2 items not showing as "owned" in Steam. The tables show up in-game, but Steam doesn't seem to know that we own them. This mainly affected new bundles that were created that included tables originally sold individually. So Steam doesn't think I own the Star Wars Unsung Heroes pack, or any of the Marvel packs that were created when FX3 rolled out.

    Now though, I see that Solo is included in the Star Wars Season 2 bundle. I'd be able to get Solo at a discount, but I can't because Steam doesn't think I own Unsung Heroes.

    Has there been any move to grant DLC licenses for cases like these?

    From my own list, I see the following DLC that I should have marked as "owned" on Steam, but aren't checked off:

    Star Wars Unsung Heroes
    Marvel Pinball Vengeance and Virtue Pack
    Marvel Pinball: Heavy Hitters
    Marvel Pinball: Marvel Legends Pack
    Marvel Pinball: Cinematic Pack
    Medieval Pack
    Sci-Fi Pack

    In all cases, I own all of the tables, but the FX2 licenses never translated into FX3 licenses on Steam.

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    Hey grenadier! Thanks for the feedback! I think you have already contacted our support team, hope we can help you out! Have a great day!
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      I hadn't sent it to support, but I did just now.


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        Got a canned answer that didn't apply to the question, and then a "we're thinking about it" non-answer from support. So much for that idea.

        I'm not sure why it's so hard to run a query over the FX2 licenses, and grant equivalent FX3 licenses whenever someone has all the tables from a given pack. It avoids so many of the problems we had when we first migrated to FX3, makes Steam show our licenses properly, and doesn't create problems with the newer bundles and their discounts.