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Another DLC Star Wars =(

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  • Another DLC Star Wars =(

    Hi (sorry for my poor english)

    New DLC but Star Wars... there is way too much, i like Star Wars but I think there is too much table ST. So here is some table idea for diversify a little

    - Ghostbuster (Amazing movie, I dream of having a table GB movie 90's)
    -Peter Pan
    -Game Of Throne
    -Goonies (Amazing too! please! i dream too)
    -Turtle ninja (90's )
    -Spider Man
    -Joker (Batman)
    -Indiana Jones (Amazing too)
    -Mad MAX
    -Star Trek (90's)
    - Resident Evil
    -SAW (movie)
    -Breaking bad
    -pirate of the caribbean
    -Gremlins (amazing)
    -Rick and Morty
    -Adams Family (amazing too)
    -Stephen King "IT" (amazing movie 90's)
    -Duke Nukem
    -Underworld (nice movie)
    -Sonic the edgedog
    -The lord of the ring (AMAZING)
    -Harry Potter

    So create now


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    Oh please, not another wishlist topic.
    There are already plenty of these.

    Read here:


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      Loving the breaking bad idea. The points could be based on meth sales
      Accomplishments in real life

      1. Rolled a star wars played over 99 levels and rolled it back to level 1.
      2. Rolled Nintendo punch out, several times, same quarter.
      3. Played an entire game of dragons lair and completed it and won while blindfolded.


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        I know it is a lot of Star Wars but they have the license. Of course Zen wants to use it...and with more and more Star Wars movies to be released, we can expect an equal number of tables too.

        Some of your suggestions are nice but too expensive license-wise...and a SAW table? Please nooo.


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          OP has a point though.
          I am prepared to throw $$$$$$$$ at Zen for any future tables. No problem spending as I think they're product is great.

          However they won't get my money for any more SW or most likely the Williams tables ( as they don't have the crazy wild features of other fx3 tables and are "Jjust normal tables").

          But.... if they did new unique tables.... Rick Morty, Stranger things and tonnes of other tables recently suggested I would pay for ALL of them.

          Until then my coin stays in pocket.


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            ''the crying game'' table,,lets do this


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              I'm just saying that any company that has customers stating they have more money to spend immediately if the company provided, or had a way of providing what was being asked For, would be insane not to try and get that coin.

              More selection of different tables would benefit everyone too..... including 14yo smart arse posters.