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  • Cabinet mode PF view

    Hi all

    I notice in cab mode that the outer edges of the playfield ( that you see in desktop mode ) - are off the screen in cabinet mode.
    I get this, my friend gets it and I see it in some Youtube viddeos of other users.

    Is this adjustable OR an issue ?

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    In portrait orientation?

    Yeah it's a real issue for me. The sides of the playfields are cropped out even more on my ultrawide screen in portrait mode.

    As far as I can tell, there's unfortunately no way to adjust it currently, all you have are the extremely limited pre-set camera views. I understand that they can't possibly show each and every table perfectly for every possible display, aspect ratio, resolution, and orientation properly on their end, but a custom camera option to set our own preferred view placement / angle / zoom / height / etc could resolve all of that instantly.

    I'd absolutely love to be able to view each table in a way that is the most ideal for my display and setup but there's nothing of the sort in there. Not sure if there ever will be, but cabinet mode would definitely benefit from some additional advanced options to adjust the view and presentation to your liking.


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      I would build a dedicated cab.... predominantly for FX3 tables.....but this needs fixing....