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Williams Beta choppiness

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  • Williams Beta choppiness

    I was able to play a little bit of the Williams Beta, during the first day of the beta and it ran quite poorly on my machine.
    My hardware is a little old but it runs FX3 very well normally as long as I turn shadows down to low.

    My question is do the Williams tables require better hardware? Are the hardware specs for FX3 going to change?

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    Have you played lately? I've found that they have improved the performance quite a bit, however the is still some choppiness with settings on 'high'.

    Possibly the full room rendering, and active backglass with DMD requires a bit more power compared to their other tables.


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      I haven't played it again since day 1, but it's good to hear that it's improved!

      Hopefully they will allow us to turn off full room rendering if it affects performance in the full release since I have no interest in that anyway