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Is there a way to extract the sound effects?

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  • Is there a way to extract the sound effects?

    I have the Android, PC, xbox 360, and xbox One versions of this game (FX 1,2,3). I would love to have some of these sound effects on my phone in my messaging app (it can use any mp3 file). I was thinking of turning off the music and recording the line with GoldWave while I play on the PC, then cut that up to get the individual sounds, but it would be much easier to get them from the source, if possible, because almost all of the sounds are going to be overlapping each other constantly. Is there a way to extract the source audio files from this game?

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    Yes, there is definitely a way to get the source audio. Xbox is one of the best software that has recently come up. Thus Epson Support has helped me in learning the process of extracting the sound effects. You can also try them if you want to learn like me.


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      Short answer, no, there isn't. You can dick about with EQs and other tools, but if the music and sound effects are mixed together in the same channels then you aren't going to extricate them. I don't care what they show you on CSI/NCIS/Bones and similar fantasy shows, you can't just tweak a few settings and suddenly find the train whistle under the sounds of construction. Exhibition Tents Rental


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        there is a way to extract pxp files and get access to the packed files like sound sfx effects or music (as well as other files related to the tables). google is your friend as it does not belong here on the forum and i'm sure zen does not like it if it would be discussed here
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