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Systematic approach to completing Solo Wizard mode

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  • Systematic approach to completing Solo Wizard mode

    I have played no form of Zen pinball properly for at least 3 years and none since last year. With Williams tables announcement and the shocking realization I can play it on my Mac, I decided to check out the Mac version, and it works like a bomb! Under the Zen Pinball 2 (Mac) forum I wrote a post about key features missing in this version (which Zen has sadly not responded to yet ).

    I also realised that Zen released all the new FX3 tables on Mac and have purchased a few. I like to play one table at a time until I master it before moving on the next. I feel it gives you the best chance to build the muscle memory required to hit your shots at will.

    I'm playing Solo and don't know if it is because I haven't played in such a long time or if it is just a great table, but I'm enjoying it immensely. The table is difficult but rewards accuracy and systematic and strategic play and has the potential to deliver massive scores by just playing through all the modes and the wizard mode with well-planned jackpot increases and multipliers. There are spammable modes with Jackpots that keep on building but I prefer to play through wizard mode to achieve big scores else it feels like cheating

    I have reached Scene 8 - Kessel run, a couple of times now and am getting close to completing it. I'm looking forward to reaching and playing the Showdown and to score a billion plus score. This table invites you to do so, much more than many of the others. Well done to Zoltan Vari for putting such a clever and engaging table together.

    Here is a bit of a preliminary strategy guide to approaching the table. As I have time and master the table better, I'll add to it. If my systematic approach to playing interests you and for some other strategy guides for older tables where I use it to specifically reach and beat the wizard mode, follow my signature. Fantastic 4 has a somewhat similar approach to this one so look at that one first.

    Key shots
    - If you want to get anywhere on this table, you have to be able to hit the following four lanes and orbits at will: left orbit, right orbit and the two centre lanes. The middle two lanes are essential for starting Scene 8 - Kessel run (as well as for the all important Magna save - see next) and then also along with the two orbits for completing Scene 8.
    - I know it sounds tedious, but practice these shots until you are quite certain that you have a good chance of hitting them at-least one out of three times. The right orbit is tough to hit, especially when under time pressure, so put extra practice into hitting it.
    - I recommend that you always keep your right flipper up when the ball goes around the left orbit as it has a good chance of draining if you don't.

    Magna save
    - The best way to start this table is by activating the Magna save. This is your only recourse for saving balls going down the outlanes as the table does not have kickbacks.
    - To activate it quickly and at will you must first build your accuracy and muscle memory for the two centre lanes so you can hit them rhythmically.
    - You can stack up to three Magna saves, so activate at least two before you play the scenes. The only scene which I will attempt while building up the second Magna save is Scene 6 - A proper ship, as it will activate along the way and you can try to complete it with minimal risk.
    - As soon as you lose one of the Magna saves in normal play, focus on activating it again.
    - If you are in the middle of a scene, don't abandon the scene if you lose one of the Magna saves. If you lose the second one, cradle the ball and let the timer run out or if it is already possible, work at activating the Magna saves again until you have two again.

    Suggested play after Magna save activation
    - Once you have at least two magna saves, I would start with Scene 5 - Conveyex Robbery (unless you activate another scene on the way). It is easy and once you complete it and defeat the Enfys Nest Marauders, an extra ball is available. This is the easiest extra ball to achieve for me at this stage.
    - The other extra ball that is relatively easy to get is by hitting three cross-jumps in a row. It is also good practice for hitting that pesky right orbit.

    Scene 8 (Kessel run before the final Showdown)
    - You do not have a lot of time between shots so it is essential that you hit the Giant creature in between shots after it appears as it resets the countdown timer to 12 seconds.

    If you are not used to this approach to playing, this might seem tedious, but trust me, if you ever want to score big and complete wizard modes, this is the typical mindset you need to adopt.

    Please let me know if you have any tips that can make it easier to get to and complete the final Showdown and I'll gladly add it.
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