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Does the William's Tournament Setup Classic Single Player Feel Off?

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  • Does the William's Tournament Setup Classic Single Player Feel Off?

    It's like this mode seems to almost set the table up at 180 degrees. I've never played an IFPA sanctioned table, but that mode feels like the ball defies physics and gains speed on the way down that isn't natural to this planet and it's gravity. I don't mind the difficulty, but it seems very artificial. Anyone else feel this way?
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    Real tournament tables are often made artificially difficult. Often with more drastic measures. I do think the tournament flippers are a little weak from what I played in the beta.


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      The Tournament difficulty also has the tables at a steeper angle, resulting in faster ball speed and that sense that ball is really pulling the ball towards the flippers.

      Honestly, I wasn't sure that I'd like the real physics as much: I found the TPA tables really floaty with a nudge that was a little too useful. But I'm really enjoying the simulation physics (classic or tournament) quite a bit in FX3. Hoping that they let us try real physics on the other Zen tables - even if the simulation physics kinda break the tables.
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