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    Hej Guys,

    After playing fishing tales now for several hours.
    I found a very important thing that is way off from the real table and it's very important towards the feel of the table

    While everything feels like the real table frustration included.
    One very important thing is off tho.
    And that is the multiball more particular the position where the first and second ball land when it get dropped into the table.
    The speed of the balls is identical to the real table but in the game the balls drop right at the edge of the left flipper bat
    While in the real table they drop more on the perfect spot towards the middle of the flipper bats.
    Don't get me wrong the multiball on this table is very frustrating and hard in RL, control of the ball is key.
    But how the balls land in game makes it even more frustrating and almost impossible to control except by luck.
    In the game the only way to do it now is to launch the 1st ball straight into the right lane making it gain enormous speed making it almost impossible to gain control after that because of this mistake it also influences the other balls. On the real table(given you do it correctly) That 1st ball ends up into the center right lane.
    This give the player time between 1st and 2nd ball giving him time to control the balls
    This is done for the feeling of control and skill.
    Yes it's still frustrating on the RL table but at least it's frustrating in a hard but fair way.

    Plz look at this it's very very important you did a awesome job with the feeling and copying everything as how the table plays and feels.
    But no need to make the hardest and most frustrating table ever even more frustrating and hard for sure it's main component the multiball.

    Anyhow you did a awesome job on all tables and the graphics and physics are way way better then what pinball arcade every did with the license.
    This is the best williams representation i ever saw in a game!

    Just keep tweaking the tables and i am sure you will get praise from all over the pinball community.