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How to get just the playfield only on main screen?

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  • How to get just the playfield only on main screen?

    Hi all, first post, searched a lot, but couldn't find. I see tons of video's on youtube of people running FX3 on their cabinets with only the playfield filling their entire main monitor. I have activated my cab code, got my backglass on my second monitor and DMD on my third. For the life of me though I can't figure out how to just have the playfield on my main monitor. By that, I mean I can still see the lower part of the backglass and dmd in my playfield screen. Now I don't mean part of the backglass or dmd, like I haven't set their positions correctly via X/Y and they are still overlapping. I mean my playfield view still includes the virtual presentation of the lower backlass. How to I get it so that only the actual playfield fills the screen like in Future Pinball or Visual Pinball? Maybe I'm missing something obvious, and if so I apologize, but a little help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Try cycling through the camera views? It sounds like you're on view 8 when you probably want 1-3. I don't know what the keyboard key is, but on the xbox gamepad the x button switches cameras. There should be a camera icon on the upper right of the screen you can click with the mouse to change as well.


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      Thank you sooo much! I had no idea you could change the camera view. You would think they'd put that in the key control screen?