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    Originally posted by DMR140
    I guess it’s not that simple. Consider all the different countries, media laws, going cross platform and mostly kids playing the consoles. Also, I think Zen can be proud for all the titles they already made.
    It really is that simple. TPA just released Whoa Nelly, aka Big Juicy Melons last with the same rating.
    Farsight published their whole library without any problem. ZEN is just looking problems which aren't there. <- Find out more about me! <- Play Amiga & MSX Pinball games online


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      Originally posted by shogun00
      Actually, it's rated E-10, while PFX3 is only rated E. And that's where the problem lies. E-10 allows the above, while the E rating doesn't.
      fair enough on the correction, but that is where the problem lies.

      That a woman in a bikini needs a rating (and not really one that is posing for sexual titillation) is clearly a problem.

      It's up to Zen to decided what rating they want I guess, but i think it's fair to question why it needs to be lower than an E10!

      I love what Zen do, this does irritate a little though. I'm not even an out and out purist; it doesn't affect my game. But the fact that it happens seems so unnecessary.