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  • Lighting options?

    Hi guys - (just posted this on steam - hope you don't mind me repeating here) - enjoying the new williams additions - probably my biggest criticism is the lighting - I find the glare from some of the brighter bulbs on the playfield distracting such as on the bumpers on the fish tales table. Some of the playfield is a bit dark for my taste particularly on MM. Definitely the nicest looking table lighting wise is Getaway II by quite some distance. I would really appreciate if you could give us a daytime / nighttime mode - where the daytime gives us a more generalised lighting for the whole playfield - alternatively maybe give us the option to tweak the brightness of the lighting in general.

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    Second that.


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      Probably not exactly what you want (the more options the better), but try playing with the gamma level in video settings to change the brightness.


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        I will try that Moosebox thanks


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          Yeah, definitely having options like TPA has for ambient room lighting and bulb brightness would be great.


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            And third that.

            Tesla at default Gamma is murky at best, then suddenly the ball save light comes glaring on between the flippers and its overwhelming relative to the rest of the field.