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Please fix Camera 8's unnatural perspective in portrait orientation.

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  • ImperiousStout
    I should add this is probably not an issue from those with actual cabinet setups and multiple monitors for the separate DMD and backglass, because they wouldn't be using view 8 anyway, they'd be using 1/1w/2 most likely since those are locked from moving dynamically, and show the majority of the playfields (could still show more though).

    This is more needed for people just rotating their main screens vertically and wanting to take advantage of that aspect ratio with some actual depth in the scene, and a naturalistic view to go along with the visible table dmd.

    If it won't be adjusted, then please give us full custom camera control so we can fix it ourselves! The other views could use some minor adjustments per setup too, but this one is by far the most obvious in need of a rework.

    I hope something can be done, love the arcade physics but still in need of that arcade presentation sans vr. Thanks!

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  • Please fix Camera 8's unnatural perspective in portrait orientation.

    The proportions are all off in that new #8 view in portrait mode. Entire tables appear to be compressed and squashed vertically. The perspective is completely unrealistic, approaching what could only be described as an orthographic projection. Try to play that way and you'll immediately notice why it's a problem.

    The new Camera 8 in standard landscape mode, with the wider aspect ratio which has less vertical real estate to work with than portrait mode, doesn't have the same issue. It's perfectly fine and using a natural perspective.

    Compare both here:

    You can see that the portrait view is showing more of the overall machine for some reason, additional backglass above the DMD and even entire the front edge of the upper table, but squishing compacting everything else down, resulting in an unnatural look and perspective. The table, playfield, art and objects, everything has the wrong proportions in portrait orientation.

    Here's a real table from a similar height and angle and a normal perspective compared to the game:
    The distortion becomes even more apparent.

    This is a similar view to one I had once used in Pinball Arcade, showing what could be possible in Pinball FX3 going the other way. I don't have Fish Tales for a direct comparison there, but together you can see how off FX3's portrait perspective for view 8 is nonetheless, and how poorly utilizes the extra verticality of portrait aspect ratios.

    One more with reality vs FX3 vs TPA
    There you can see my old TPA view is slightly too far in the other direction, stretched out a bit towards the flippers and lower end of the playfield, but the perspective is still a lot more natural to play with than FX3. Something closer to the real photograph's perspective would be ideal - where the screen is filled from the flippers to the built-in dmd without the excess / vertical compression / distortion.
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