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How can i view fps in pinball fx3 ? dxtory is not an option.

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  • joyrider3774
    i'm not talking about the steam version but about the UWP (windows store) version of the game. it's not the same. but it seems geforce experiance can show fps counters since a few months in UWP games /apps.

    Fraps does not work with UWP apps / games

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  • MuddyWolf_Beta
    Have you tried Fraps?

    It's old but I play on Steam on a Win10 64 bit system and it still works fine for me.
    I even record FX3 videos with it.

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  • dave950lam
    Open Steam UI, Click View, then In-Game, and you'll see the option to show FPS.

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  • How can i view fps in pinball fx3 ? dxtory is not an option.


    Anyone know of a tool to display fps in pinball fx3 for windows 10, it's a U(niversal) W(windows) P(latform) app and i tried geforce overlay but it's not showing. I know dxtory works, but my crappy bitdefender antivirus goes nuts over dxtory and starts deleting files from anything dxtory touches. I just had to reinstall pinball fx3 due to it. I'm ditching bitdefender as soon as the subscription expires as the new version is seriously crappy.

    So how can i view fps in the uwp version of the game. Any other tools out there where antiviruses won't go nuts over or perhaps some key combo ingame ?