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Display the dmd (scores etc) on your (i)phone / tablet / ipad or pc wirelessly

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  • Display the dmd (scores etc) on your (i)phone / tablet / ipad or pc wirelessly

    Hey guys,

    i'm still waiting for my cabinet code, but yesterday i found a nifty little program called spacedesk ( This software consists of 2 programs a server side program (installed on the pc where you play pinball fx3) and client programs installed on tablets, phones, or even an html 5 capable browser. What this software does is when you connect with the client to the server, it will create a new display visible in settings in windows 7 or windows 10 as a real monitor on the pc running the server app and the display of the client pc (or html 5 browser) is used as a second monitor wirelessly.

    I tested this yesterday on my local network and it works great i used it to display taskmanager on my phone in front of my main pc

    But since that's possible it's also possible to display the dmd on your phone if you have a cabinet code using this software as for the pc running pinball fx it's just as if an extra screen is connected physically to your pc except it's not and it's a wireless display.

    as soon as i recive my cabinet code i will test it out and update this thread with perhaps a video / screenshot to show how and if it works but i'm fairly certain it will work.

    In the screenshot below the far right monitor is actually being displayed in internet explorer 11 tab (in chrome i had gotten black screen).


    PS. this software has far more usuage scenario's and you duplicate or extend your display all wirelessly
    PPS. i also tested on raspberry pi (using html5 in a few browser) but it was a tad slow and there does not exist (officially) a native client for linux
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    I had received my pinbal cabinet code today so i could test and it works. Although there is a small lag when using wifi. I had tried using wifi but afterwards switched to usb tethering (ethernet gadget rndis network over usb) where lag is less. it's all still doable but video modes might be a bit more difficult. You can easily see the small lag if anyone wanna test it as well if you take the fishtale table on view 8 (if you have the normal dmd hidden) or compare your virtual screen (on phone / whatever) against the normal dmd on any other table.

    Here's the video showing it in action: