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How 2 pwn Fish tales in Zen mode.

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  • How 2 pwn Fish tales in Zen mode.

    1) unlock rewind or score multiplier. max whichever one you want to use out.
    2) use multiball and ball saver as your passive powerups. max them out too.
    3) wizard power should be rewind or score bonus. Lesser mortals should use rewind.
    4) catch the plunge on an upraised left flipper.
    5) shoot the long cast. repeat these two steps until the captive ball lights are all lit.
    6) now start shooting the casters club. start multiball. give the captive ball a few whacks during it.
    7) multiball, multiball, multiball. Each time you get back around to super jackpot, it's worth 100M more, and that's doubled by max multiball powerup.
    8) once you light super jackpot, an intentional drain of all but one ball is recommended. this way when you start up multiball again, you get a lot of ball save time with which to whack the captive ball.
    9) do collect extra balls.

    With enough multiball play you will get super jackpots over a billion points each! Note that you ALWAYS get the ball back if you shoot that drop target blocking caster's club from a trap on the left.

    i'm currently number 3, with over 30B. and that was with a lot of mistakes.

    This stunt will NOT work on classic. at ALL. you can't trap balls so easily.
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