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Further Cabinet support?

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  • Further Cabinet support?

    First of all I`m grateful that FX3 is offering such a good cabinet support.

    I also know, that cabinet users are representing just a very small tiny part of your customers.

    BUT, I also know that you guys from ZEN are also big pinball fans
    So you know how much cabinet owners love the silver ball.

    I just like to ask, if there is any chance in the future for an even more improved cabinet support. Some kind of direkt DOF support for the toys that we have in our machines, an active backglass for the 3rd screen (especially now for the Williams tables) and so on.

    The community is doing here a great job as well, but you never know how long this will last / or how long this will be still possible. So a support for those things directly from the manufacturer would be just great.

    probably not very realistic, but it does not hurt ask

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    Another vote for this ��
    I totally agree but some smaller helpful changes would be welcomed and much appreciated ie:

    enable Enhanced view as default if you prefer to play that way (I for one most certainly do)
    Enable cameras lock in enhanced view which is a no brainier for cabinet users. I do know there’s a skip option by pressing both flipper buttons but it’s more annoying than anything
    Colourise the DMD in enhanced mode for that little extra eye candy (the community have done this in VPX with great results)

    Apart from the colour DMD I’m sure the 1st two requests should be simple enough to do and greatly appreciated.

    Finally if I can be allowed to dream a cabinet front end much like Arcooda’s but with lots of Zen flair! make this a DLC at any cost and I for one will buy it.

    Keep up the awesome work guys I’m excited for the future of FX3 and can’t wait till the next instalment of the Williams/Bally releases.


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      Instead of 'Exit Game' also give us the option to 'Shut down Windows (shut down the pc)'.
      That way we don't need a front end and we can have a pure Pinball FX3 cabinet.