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Bally favorites The Party Zone, Black Rose and Attack from Mars hitting Pinball FX3 i

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  • Bally favorites The Party Zone, Black Rose and Attack from Mars hitting Pinball FX3 i

    We are happy to announce that The Party Zone, Black Rose and (you might have guessed if you follow our social channels😉 ) Attack from Mars are joining the Williams™ Pinball collection for Pinball FX3 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows 10, Steam and Nintendo Switch on December 4, 2018 for $9.99, once again including classic and remastered versions of each table.

    Just as dragons came to life and a fisherman reeled ‘em in for past tables, Williams Pinball Volume 2 presents remastered versions of each table in addition to the simulated interpretations straight from the 1990s. In The Party Zone, host Captain B. Zarr comes to life as a 3D interactive character parading around on a giant rocket, while Attack from Mars features a 3D-animated general barking orders as the missile launchers fire upon a flying saucer that circles the playfield. At the same time, Black Rose, queen of the high seas, swings on the mast as you loot a treasure chest and fire an interactive cannon.

    With the release, also comes the option for players in the PC Steam version of Pinball FX3 to play the tables in their original form. This means family filter off by default and unaltered cabinet and playfield art on all three Volume 2 tables.

    We’ve got one more surprise, the option to turn off cinematic cameras with Remastered graphics is now present in the Options menu. So you can enjoy the Remastered effects while keeping the pinball immersion of an unmoving view.

    We are grateful for your continuous feedback, which helped us in improving the Williams collection and Pinball FX3 as a whole together.

    See you on the leaderboards!

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      Originally posted by classic_pinball


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        I am very excited to see Attack from Mars. That along with Medieval Madness are my two favourite tables and the two I had hoped to see the most on Zen.

        I cannot say I have had much table time with either of the others, but I am happy to see that Zen is branching out from what Pinball Arcade did.

        Collection #1 was packed with some heavy hitters, and a great way to launch the new series.

        They would burn out interest quickly if they had a bunch of stacked packs right out of the gate.

        I am happy with 3-4 tables per pack at $9.99. Even if you are only interested in one of the tables it is still a small price to pay.


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          Will the new Steam "uncensored" mode be extended backwards to the original Williams Vol.1 tables eventually?


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            Great news but I'm going to be picky I thought Zen said that there will be four more tables released before the end of the year?
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              I’m well stoked, the tables are a perfect balance for me and best of all BR & PZ were a couple of tables I never managed to get my hands on although I did pay a crapper of a BR I decided not to buy so win win for me.
              Although I would class AFM the premier table of this pack I am more excited with PZ if it plays half as good as Zen has made it look then I can see me losing a lot of my game time on that pin alone.

              Zen don’t take this the wrong way as I think you have excelled once again with this pack but for some reasons I had it in my mind that AFM on enhanced mode would have animated jumping aliens and maybe animated flags near the back for each country.
              Now after watching the trailer I love what you have done but think an animated Alien having a face off with the general would balance Things especially if they both act out the mannerisms of the charicters in the sound bytes of the game! One can only dream hehe.

              Thanks for all your hard work you have outdone yourself yet again now roll on the 4th
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                Originally posted by classic_pinball
                Lol! Its a bit of my feeling tbh.BUT! FX effects on those table could give them a new twist. Was not a fan of Fish Tales, it made me enjoyed it way more than i thought it would. Anyway, im more than happy to spend my money if its just for Attack From Mars! I will for sure give Party Zone and Black Rose a better chance, cant wait to see how cool the FX effect will bring into them!


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                  Sweet! Any eta on any VR release? Universal Classics was released at the same time on VR as it was on FX3 wasn't it?

                  I know, different license etc. but just asking.


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                    Please tell me the martians come to life in martian multiball, and explode when you hit the targets.


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                      Originally posted by zaphod77
                      Please tell me the martians come to life in martian multiball, and explode when you hit the targets.
                      That would be sooooo sweet!!


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                        AFM is a great table! I've never played Party Zone and Black Rose so looking forward to those 2 as well!
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                          Thanks a lot !


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                            Black Rose is am amazing table too believe me.


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                              I've played all tables from vol.1 and i have to say excellent work from Zen.Tables are superior in comparison to TPA.Only missing operators menu and flippers sometimes are laggy.