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Seeking Your Answers to Next GEN TV for Playing ZEN PINBALL

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  • Seeking Your Answers to Next GEN TV for Playing ZEN PINBALL

    Fellow PINHEADS & ZEN:

    I am looking at getting a Series 9 Samsung UHD TV for playing pinball and had several questions. Please do not get technical in your responses.

    1) Will the XBOX One play without glitches on the Series 9? I believe to get a higher def look, I have to upgrade from XBOX One to XBOX ONE X?

    2) ZEN, will my tables import from the XBOX One to the upgraded XBOX ONE X? I have all of your tables and obviously want all to import over. When you upgraded FX2, only about half of the tables imported over to XBOX One, which to this day is still very frustrating.

    3) Has ZEN and will ZEN develop and remaster all current tables to format to Next Gen monitors/TVs such as the Series 9 Samsung UHD? XBOX's website notes that game developers have to update their games to make the most of the XBOX ONE X's capabilities. Does ZEN anticipate doing this and if so, when?

    Please let me know if I have left out any other important considerations. Thanking you all in advance for your responses.