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  • Heads Up VERSUS League (DevTeam & Community)

    I come towards you to make a proposal.

    This proposal is not revolutionary, PinballFX3 has a beautiful community, full of very active players, may be somebody has already made this proposal, and may be you (ZenStudios) have already thought about it and started to work on it ...
    The game offers some different modes, which each player can appreciate as he wants and have fun as he wants. I like "classic" mode so much, but there is one which seduces me not at all, and I know that I am not the only one...
    It is the League and the false Head to Head...

    I do not like this mode because it is full of unpleasant constraints : the format, the duration, the mode, the need to have upgraded power-UP if we want to perform, and especially to own the table.
    I spoke about all this with other players, and if some people like this mode, some others do not...

    We have took time to think about improvements that would make it more attractive, and taking into account only the player's point of view and not the one of the DevTeam, so the technical constraints are not measured.
    This is a proposal which we make unpretentious and we hope that you will take time to read carefully and try to understand.

    This idea is not fresh because we can find this mechanism on many PvP games, for exemple CounterStrike, LOL, HeartStorm, fighting games...
    These games offer the possibility to search for an opponent for a Versus live Match, not recorded.

    No, we do not suggest playing Heads up ball by ball on the same table (Like IRL), but playing it Versus, at the same time, on the same table, in shared/splitted screen !

    Without changing the "5 minutes" format, we could add adjustable parameters to find an opponent at our level, either leave the random choice or challenge a player in particular.
    For example : Select the table, the physics Zen/Williams/IFPA and then choose between a friendly or ranked match.

    With a system of points earned by the numbers of played and/or won matchs we could have a world ranking (and maybe multi-platform). So we can imagine two separate modes like a ranked one and one only for fun and challenge friends.

    If the choice of the opponent is set on "random" (ranked matchs), it may be a good idea to turn off the upgrades & wizard powers. If the choice of the opponent is made by friendlist and/or private invitation (only for fun), then the players can agreed on that before to start the match.

    For the ranked matchs, the number of game possible could be limited, like 3 matchs at maximum every 24h against the same opponent, see below :

    J1 versus J2
    J1 loose, J1 can ask for a 2nd match, J2 can accept or not.
    If J2 accept a 2nd match is played, if J1 loose again score is J1 0-2 J2, end of game.
    If J1 win score is J1 1-1 J2 so they need a 3rd and last decisive match . They play it, score 2-1 or 1-2 no matter (except for point), these two opponents cannot play against each other for 24Hours. (No boost)

    We think that this new mode would bring a lot of interaction between players.

    Talking about the ranked matches, the points system still need to be look at of course.

    If the idea seduced you, we are at your disposal to work around this project...

    Have Fun !
    The pinball, you opened it, we came !