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    Originally posted by rmaultra View Post

    I have requested so many patches for bug fixes and never get them for the XBOX ONE. C'mon, some of these have been going on for months:

    -Civil War upgrade 3 ball: the upper right flipper is stuck behind the back lip of the sink hole.

    -Avengers 1 ball challenge keeps kicking out balls after the multi-ball mode should be over and does not stop regardless of what you do.

    -The Attack On Mars table in view 3 will reset the view randomly to a another, wide shot view. You have to change it back during game play, which is really annoying.Tutuapp 9apps Showbox

    I have done hard shut downs on the XBOX ONE several times, just in case a new patch was created by ZEN to fix these bugs, and it is evident the requests are just being ignored among other requests I have made to zen support and individual ZEN employees.
    yes it is true there is a lot of bug
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      Originally Posted by cantankerous--
      My switch updates automatically, but I rarely play pinball fx3 on it since I have a ps4 and a huge screen, but I did turn it on and it says its on latest firmware and does show the new tables that will be released on Dec 18th.................Yep, Zen updated their facebook and Nintendo is getting a release two weeks after everyone else, but I digress. I looked where it is on the ps4 then on the switch ( It's in UI/Streaming) directly under attract mode enable/disable on the hire essay writer and nowhere to be found on the switch. I was unable to test the tournament physics online since I only own the free games given by Zen on the switch and currently there is no fish tales, tournament mode running, but assume we got none of the listed updates.

      Is it possible to import The Force Awakens pack? I got it in Zen Pinball 2. What are the steps? Thanks.
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        Originally posted by TerryLewis View Post

        Is it possible to import The Force Awakens pack? I got it in Zen Pinball 2. What are the steps? Thanks.
        Not sure why you brought this old post up to attach your question to lol, but whatever. Ya, you should be able assuming you are using the same log in information that you previously purchased the table in zen pinball 2 to just re download it Sir.
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