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Single player (non classic) leaderboard suggestion - show upgrades used

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  • FernandeathCH
    It would be interesting to know the upgrade level as well...Since it's not the same when someone got 3 seconds rewind or around 4x5 seconds.

    A leaderboard available online would be great too (to be able to check if someone beat your score, when you got 2 minutes at work) .

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  • cantankerous--
    I love this idea, and in addition, the inclusion of region flags because I am very competitive plus date posted to see how long the best scores have been there plus out of how many?? It's one thing to be the best out of the hundred posted scores, but it would be nice to know, for real how many people actually played the table. The best out of a hundred is decent, but the best out of 7,000 is WAY better than that. I've only been asking for this for friggin years now, but really how hard is it to add that, I mean, given games over 10 years ago had it?

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  • Single player (non classic) leaderboard suggestion - show upgrades used


    I've got a suggestion for the single player leaderboards, i mean the non classic ones. Show in small icons the upgrades used on the table to acquire that score on the leaderboard. There is room enough to show 3 small circles to show the upgrades used. If you did not send that info in the past to your servers it's still not a problem to patch it in, but then you would also need an icon to display when people did not use any upgrades at all to diffrentiate between scores before the patch that add this feature and after the patch.

    I understand it's (near) impossible to split the leaderboards up into every single possible combination of upgrades and have one with all the scores mixed. But showing such little icon's in the main leaderboard would also give an indication if the people near a certain player was a better player or not. I mean being nr 1 when having used no upgrades at all and being able to see that gives you more bragging rights than someone having used only one or all slots for upgrades and is in my opinion a better player. Even the types used could give an indication.

    And if you got that data a way to filter the single player non classic leaderboards on combinations of upgrades used would be enough there is no need for multiple leaderboards then (one for every possible combination used) as you could just filter it in the list from one big table
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