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How many tables have you cleared all the challenges on?

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  • How many tables have you cleared all the challenges on?

    I have to say I've only been playing pinball fx3 for a few weeks, but I've been playing the zen pinball games for a long time. I used to have a bunch of tables on my Amazon Kindle Fire, but then I change the playing on my Xbox 360. Unfortunately, I had to rebuy all my tables, but I didn't mind. Frankly, I still don't mind rebuying all those tables on my PlayStation 4. I love the new challenge mode that you guys put in. They and the power ups give me something to work for that inquire me to play tables even more to get all the achievements.

    So far, I only have five tables, which includes the two free ones and all the Jurassic Park tables. Out of all those tables, I have only gotten all 45 challenge stars on Jurassic Park pinball Mayhem. I have to be honest... That table felt like it will be one of the easier tables to do it on, because it has a super skill shot that allows you to really get some points early on, and it also has fairly easy challenges compared to most tables. The only thing Difficult about the table is maybe the bumpers aren't easily accessible? Other than that, I feel like the other tables I have are going to be much harder.

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    - Medieval Madness
    - Star Wars Rouge One
    - Portal

    Still chasing for 1-ball in Attack from Mars (11/15) and Marvel Venom (14/15).


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      Originally posted by Dlakavi-VU
      - Medieval Madness
      - Star Wars Rouge One
      - Portal

      Still chasing for 1-ball in Attack from Mars (11/15) and Marvel Venom (14/15).
      I dont really see the benefit of spending the time grinding the table for access to the images and things and dont really use rewind or slow-mo unless required by tournament rules, so out of every table I have entirely completed one.
      Accomplishments in real life

      1. Rolled a star wars played over 99 levels and rolled it back to level 1.
      2. Rolled Nintendo punch out, several times, same quarter.
      3. Played an entire game of dragons lair and completed it and won while blindfolded.


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        I really like the table mastery concept and the challenges. It has me coming back to play tables a lot more than I otherwise would. Well done!

        I don’t do the tournaments and have never been interested in score, but I have unlocked every trophy (except Williams vol 2 which I don’t own yet) and now playing challenges for fun to unlock table mastery images. I like how it is a surprise what unlock is next. And you can level up stars just by playing for fun (bumpers, combos, etc) and completing challenges.

        The one thing that does not work well is the leveling up of the wizard powers (rewind, slow-mo, extra score). That is tedious.

        For max on all challenges, there are quite a few I am sure I have done now but, Boba Fett, Rogue One, and Guardians of the Galaxy were among my first.


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          Hello, I have been doing this a bit completing all the challenges and have a bunch. I think it's fun and interesting.
          The only table I have all 45 stars plus all other 150-250+ stars is Han solo
          However I have the 45 challenge stars in:
          Fear itself
          Earth Defense
          Bobs Burgers
          Several I am only missing a few. For example I can easily do the first 2 for Deadpool and Archer, but can't score fast enough for survival.
          I like trying to do these, they are similar to achievements, I like to do as many as possible.
          Is there a thread for how to get some of these? Seems like I remember one a while ago, but I couldn't find it.
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            After seeing this I started doing more of these and now have a bunch more which are:
            Darth Vader
            World War Hulk
            Deadpool ( I figured out how to get this one, Still can't get Archer)
            Sorcerers Lair
            This brings me up to 15 so far.
            These are fun to do, almost like getting achievements. I also like getting the table mastery, but don't have nearly so many of those. I just wish like Djb5f said leveling up the wizard powers wasn't such a pain.