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All these Williams tables and still no Holy Grail where is Pinball Circus?!

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  • All these Williams tables and still no Holy Grail where is Pinball Circus?!

    Instead of doing tables already created for pinball arcade why not Forge A New Path and do some ultra-rare tables that most people will never see in the wild. The first one I would recommend is the multi-level Pinball Circus! Infolinks and Youtube Video below!

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    Considering that part of Zen's process to recreate a William table is to disassemble a real machine, it would be difficult to reverse-engineer Pinball Circus...

    Regarding table selection, Zen has made comments that they do indeed plan to offer non-TPA tables also.

    Except for a very brief stint on my XB360 (I don't remember anything from it) via PBFX2, I don't have any experience playing TPA. Therefore, I welcome any & all tables that Zen brings to PBFX3.
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      Yeah I'm hoping for a few non-TPA tables too. Some good ones would include Triple Strike (a classic), Fire!, Big Guns, Space Station, Jokerz, Demolition Man... Heck it's hard to find a table not worth doing - almost all are awesome!


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        The table certainly looks fun enough to include. I mean, Zen has been putting out fantasy tables now for years that do all sorts of stuff so a multi-level pinball where the guy playing it even stated it's a one trick pony would likely entertain me for an hour then onto the next. Just dont see it as being the holy grail of pinball tables.
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