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UHD Compatibility with FX3 and XBOX ONE

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  • UHD Compatibility with FX3 and XBOX ONE

    Are UHD TVs compatible to play FX3 in? Are there glitches? Do you need to upgrade to the XBOX ONE X? And if so, will the ZEN tables for FX3 import from XBOX ONE to XBOX ONE X? I have all of them so I would sure hope so. Thanks for your responses!

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    I can answer on your Xbox One to Xbox One X question. Xbox One X is just a upgraded Xbox not a whole new console.
    All games and DLC you own on your Xbox One will work on your Xbox One X. All games you buy on Xbox One X will also work on your Xbox One (so far at least, maybe not all features but all games will work).


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      You will be able to play PFX3 on your One X, it just won't be native 4K textures since they are not ready yet and no info has been revealed to this day regarding 4K support.

      No import process since One and One X are the same console.