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Adding Williams volume 2 to pinballx, help

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  • Adding Williams volume 2 to pinballx, help

    I am trying to add the 3 new Williams games to my cabinet thru pinballx, not sure how to add, I believe they are to be added to the xml. File ?
    This way they can be selected as new game in game mgr.

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    you need to add the games yourselve with the correct game names, so either edit the pinball fx3 database xml manually or use game manager to add a new game and copy exactly the game names as below (including correct capitalisation / case sensitivity) ..description etc you can choose anything for what you like. You'll also need to either find or record game play video's yourselve. I have created some already so will upload them somewhere externally as i only had them uploaded to gameex / pinballx ftp where there is many media but requires payment for access.

    these are the game names needed:
    • BALLY_Attack_from_Mars
    • BALLY_BlackRose
    • BALLY_Party_Zone

    here are the video's that can be used with pinballx i have included both the original table view as the graphically enhanced ones (alternate you'll need to rename them if you want to use them to exact name as game name). and some dmd video's but they turned out too big as i had accidently let ffmpeg scale them (but pinballx does downscale them again so they can be used). The table video's are fine however (need to be placed in media folder for pinball fx3 under table videos). Wheel images i don't have myselve i use docklet style wheel images and i don't have them yet for volume pack 2

    in the future if new packs are released and you want to know the name to add in pinballx's game manager or xml's manually. Goto your pinball fx3 steam's game folder like in my case : E:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\Pinball FX3\data\steam you'll see all kind of files with pxp extension. Look for newly added ones not in your pinball fx3, pinballx database and only those that seem to have a correct name for being a table. The table names are those filenames without pxp extension

    as you can see here
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