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Volume 3 news soon? ;), along with a personal wishlist

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    Originally posted by HighFive View Post
    Cool definition is - moderately cold : lacking in warmth. Breaking the code into temperature weather setting pins =

    -White Water
    -Space Station ( its cold in space! )

    Got it, leak is real!
    Don't forget the Terminator 2 movie, the Liquid Nitrogen at the end...thats really cold man... so one of the tables will be Terminator 2. Leak is Real!

    About wishlist here is my TOP3 dream for a pack

    Twilight Zone
    Indiana Jones
    Terminator 2
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      I would love to see a Zen table pack next. The Williams tables are not for us at all. I'm glad others dig them, but we really don't. The last pack is the first one we didn't bother buying. Maybe if Zen physics get added to hotseat. I just am not into classic pinball enough to play them as they are.

      I would love to see some more original liscensed tables. And then maybe go To the Williams tables for the hardcore pinballers every second pack.


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        Originally posted by McLovin View Post
        Wow I'm feeling like a juicy BBQ rib right now, getting well and thoroughly roasted.
        Could this be a hint for Williams D?n?r table or do we need to grill McLovin for more hints.
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          Originally posted by cantankerous-- View Post
          This is my dream come true


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            Originally posted by McLovin View Post
            This is my dream come true

            Hmmmmm.................Don't look anything like you.
            Accomplishments in real life

            1. Rolled a star wars played over 99 levels and rolled it back to level 1.
            2. Rolled Nintendo punch out, several times, same quarter.
            3. Played an entire game of dragons lair and completed it and won while blindfolded.


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                Monster Bash

                Monster Bash needs to be in the next pack!


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                  Originally posted by nromo View Post
                  Monster Bash needs to be in the next pack!
                  I would VERY much like that.

                  psn: janduin68


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                    Star Trek TNG
                    Scared stiff
                    Who dunnit

                    And if you have any cash left Star Trek 25th anni.
                    xBL GT: The Omega M4N
                    Steam OMEGA MAN
                    PS4 Firefox2000


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                      I just would like Taxi. That is all.


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                        Well at this point I wont ask for a table, I just want volume 3.
                        Steam ID: virtuadream


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                          I forget which tables are Williams, but going off the OP's lists, my picks would be Tales of Arabian Nights, No Good Gofers and probably White Water.


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                            Another request for Tales of the Arabian Nights..


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                              Originally posted by HighFive View Post
                              Always in for more pinball, so wondering if we will get some news about vol 3 soon? Im guessing it will be all Wiliams , ill throw a wishlist of tables i hope we will get ( trying to do non-licensed issue stuff for what i wish), in order of preference

                              - Funhouse
                              - Tales of Arabian Nights
                              - Space Shuttle
                              - Bride of Pinbot
                              - High Speed ( well we got Getaway but love this one better )
                              - Firepower
                              - Red n Ted Road Show
                              - Jackbot
                              - Black Knight 2000
                              - Pinbot
                              - Cyclone

                              And if your going with tables we havent seen yet, my top 3 would be
                              - Bad Cats
                              - Blackout
                              - Space Station

                              And hoping we wont see :
                              - Firepower II
                              - F14 Tomcat
                              - Banzai Run
                              - Hurricane
                              - No Good Goofers
                              - No FEAR
                              - Swords of Fury
                              - White Water
                              Not saying these 8 tables are bad, they are not just personal favorite.

                              Soooooo any news soon?