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Ball Reverse Feature - Changed or broken?

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  • Ball Reverse Feature - Changed or broken?

    Hello Pinball Community.

    I haven't played for a long time and got back into the game a few days ago and I realized that the Ball Reverse Feature is either fundamentally broken, not being able to reverse the ball to somewhere useful or it was changed.
    Since I'm terrible at this game I really really enjoyed this feature and I'd be pretty dissapointed if this is how it works now since it's basically useless now, even at LVL 10. Is it a bug? I've noticed no one talking about this so maybe not everybody is having this problem?
    If not is there any way to get the old feature back? Maybe toggle an easy mode or something to get the old upgrade back? I don't want to compete against the pros out there I just want to play through a table casually and this feature allowed me to do that with every table... I'll never finish/buy some tables now since I probably won't be able to play on them for a long time.

    The problem appears to be that they slowed down the speed at which the ball goes back but not the overall duration of which you can revert the ball. So you revert for 4 seconds it moves back a fracture of what it used to but you still lose 4 seconds of like 10 seconds in total whereas you used to push the button for 1 second and it went back far longer only reducing duration by 1 second out of 10 total. Maybe adjust the total time you can revert as well to accomodate for the slower reverse? Or just make it fast again? Reversing the ball at the moment is a slog, it used to be very fast and kept you in the game. This defenitely seems like a bug that, as some other user claimed, came with the second Williams update.

    Sorry for my first post basically being a complaint... I just thought if there is some way to reach out to Zen it's probably through the forums.

    Any help or feedback from Zen or the community? I'd really like this feature back...
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    I believe it's working as intended now. pretty sure it was supposed to be 1 second of rewind=back into the past for one second. it was rewinding a ridiculous amount before.