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  • Make em tougher

    Hey all

    LOVE the ZEN Tables - have most of them.

    When can ZEN allow us to make flippers shorter and some small adjustments ourselves ( yes like VPX editor but a cut down version )- so we can make our tables harder. My only issue with the entire game is the looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong ball times , sometimes I quit tables as they just go on forever and ever.

    Surely others feel the same - I aint even the greatest player, quite average, so I cant imagine how long some guys are playing for.....

    NOT an insult post.

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    Thanks for checking in Wotto and for saying these nice things.

    Yeah, there are some crazy good players out there with long ball times, you might be humble but I think if you get these kinds of super long play sessions you might be one of them too.

    The new physics developed for Williams Pinball tables somewhat combatted this and made those tables harder. We've been getting some requests to retrofit our originals with this as well, this is still under investigation of what would have to change additionally with the physics (geometry, materials the whole deal).


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      I would love some of the Zen tables to get the new physics. I'm sure it would be a lot of work for you guys but it would be like getting new tables for us 😁