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Williams Pinball mobile. Suggestions on how to improve it

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  • Williams Pinball mobile. Suggestions on how to improve it

    Ok. After spending tons of hours with Williams Pinball on IOS, i think there is room for improvment. For some it sure suck to be an addwatch festival, but, its the way its done, i just cant say i like it this way, but i dont hate it too. It just play really great on my Ipad, so im going to shoot some suggestion i hope you guys at Zen will take note!

    - Paid for the bonus challenge, 200 coins, the equivalent of around 10$ CND. Why do i need to pay again 25 tickets ( even if it can be obtain without too much effort , but still, gotta work our way threw it), to replay it?

    - Bonus challenge rewards. I expected in some way that it will be generous into Zen coin gains and more into parts gain. Its a hard challenge! Havent yet reach lvl 10, its a real challenge.

    - Bonus challenge reset. I mean, i paid for it already, i need to pay again zen coins to restart it? Perhaps a ticket cost like the first challenge would be more welcome.

    - Level 4 upgrade. The cost is at 100 zen coins to upgrade, so 700 tickets to upgrade the 7 tables. Its the same cost as buying the packs on console to get it all, plus i need to collect 100 parts for each tables! I think, after all the effort we put it doing challenge, collecting parts, watching hundreds of adds, perhaps it could make it cheaper, like 50 zen coins to upgrade? 350 zen coins at 13.99 for all seem fine. Cheaper than console, but, we work our way threw it, with all these chalenges and addwatchs.

    - Speaking of level 4 upgrade, i would put the pro physic as reward for level 3 tables. Its a new engine you guys work hard for it, i think it need to be showned as quick as possible, so people can see it. And your nice visual effect could go down to level 2, people need to seem em. Maybe a lot will stop leveling at lvl 2 just to play the tables and wont see the effort you put into your visual effects and new pro physics.

    - Balls, ball trails, flippers reward. Very nice option, but i would add an option to convert these into perhaps parts, tickets, or even zen coins? Little suggestion. Dont think i will use em all, would love to recycle the one i wont use into something. Balls could turn into tickets or parts, flippers and trails into zen coins?

    - Speaking of parts, maybe an option to buy them too with tickets?

    - And yeah still think the price to pay right of the start lvl 4 tables is very expensive, like 3 time the cost of consoles. I think 150 zen coin per tables, 1050 total for all 7 ( would still cost more than console, 800 coins plus 350 coins = around 42$ CND ) could be a right price to pay. More expensive than consoles, or work your way to get it cheaper ( see my 4th point ). Its not everybody who love going threw daily challenge, but the current price tag at 250 coins to skip this per tables make us need to spend 63$ to get the 7 tables.

    I understand we can play the core game, by being online, like for free with all tables at level two, so in a way, its the “free” version of it, but as i said earlier, people might wont see all the great work you did with the new physic engine and visual FX. I mean. Nobody, unless they spend money, will get to see your new physics.

    Hope these suggestion could do something constructive! Continue the great work!