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Williams Pinball Golf Request for Challenges

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  • Williams Pinball Golf Request for Challenges

    Well done Zen, I'm really enjoying your Williams pins. I play on iPad and PS4, and your challenges approach really adds an amount of replayability.

    I'd love to see a Pinball Golf challenge mode added where you have to complete a series of objectives within a given amount of balls. Tasks could add a but of nuance and variability to the challenges (and could be across one or multiple tables). Zen could also add different tasks over time.

    What do others think?

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    Hi jones, thanks!

    So if I imagine correctly an example would be: Start rock the boat or Shoot a Monster Fish jackpot in 1 minute?


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      Would be great with a "true" golf mode. Of course points isn't the only way to do it but I like to keep it simple. Not everyone know how to start specific modes if you want to use that as a goal.

      Example. 9 tables totally. If par is 5 and you make the goal on ball 3 you get -2 on that table. For par on all 9 tables you get a score of 0 as in real golf. The one with lowest score wins. No way to restart when ball 1 started...

      Table 1
      Get 75 million points on Medieval Madness. Par 2

      Table 2
      Get 1500 million points on Attack from Mars. Par 3

      Table 3
      Get X points Par X

      Table 4
      Get X points Par X

      Table 5
      Get X points Par X



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        yes that's how pin golf works. a target score is picked for each machine. and the number of balls it takes to get there is your stroke count.

        once you reach the target score you stop flipping, let the ball drain and then your stroke count is recorded. if you play out another ball, tha'ts another stroke. but the program can easily enforce that on it's own, and stop you when you hit the target score.

        if you run out of balls before reaching the target score, that's maximum number of strokes for the hole, whatever that's declared to be. most likely 6 over par.


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          Yes, Pinball Golf is a type of pinball competition (albeit less common). It can be either points or objective based, with a number of holes (pins with objectives). You have a given number of balls to reach the objective per table (5 balls). If you reach the objective in the first ball, you get 1 stroke. If you don't reach the objective after 5 balls you get an additional 1 point penalty 6 strokes for that 'hole'.

          The great thing about this is the number of courses is virtually infinite, and adds a lot of replay, and adjustment for difficulty (some objectives can be easy, others can be immensely difficult). They can be rotated daily/weekly for replay, and it's fun to come up with different ideas for holes.

          There generally isn't a time limit for holes (perhaps track the overall time to complete all 9 holes to break any tie breakers). When the hole (objective) is completed, you go on to the next hole/objective. When all holes are finished, having the lowest score wins.

          Here are two potential 9 hole courses:

          The first course (based on 3 different Zen pins):

          Hole 1: Attack from Mars - Destroy the 3rd flying saucer
          Hole 2: Fish Tales - Activate Rock the Boat
          Hole 3: Getaway - Start Secret Mania
          Hole 4: Attack from Mars - Kill 15 martians
          Hole 5: Fish Tales - Obtain an extra ball
          Hole 6: Getaway - Go around the super charger 30 times
          Hole 7: Attack from Mars - Get a 6-Way combo
          Hole 8: Fish Tales - Catch a tropical fish
          Hole 9: Getaway - Get a multi-ball super jackpot

          Another course (based on 9 pins - I added two hypothetical extra ones, so each pin is different):

          Hole 1: Attack from Mars - Destroy the 3rd flying saucer
          Hole 2: Fish Tales - Activate Rock the Boat
          Hole 3: Getaway - Start Secret Mania
          Hole 4: Black Rose - Make a million point shot at the whirlpool
          Hole 5: Junkyard - Successfully run away from Spike
          Hole 6: Medieval Madness - Collect 3 troll bombs
          Hole 7: Party Zone - Start Eat Drink & Be Merry
          Hole 8: Shadow - Get a double jackpot
          Hole 9: Funhouse - Achieve a Rudy gulp

          I hope that makes sense and that there would be a possibility of being implemented.


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            Sounds fun. I'd play it.
            Accomplishments in real life

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            2. Rolled Nintendo punch out, several times, same quarter.
            3. Played an entire game of dragons lair and completed it and won while blindfolded.


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              Do you think it would be possible? Zen allows people to make their own tournaments, this feature would really allow people to have creativity in making different golf tournaments.