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Disable action center swipe of right screen edge in Windows 10?

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  • Disable action center swipe of right screen edge in Windows 10?

    i decide for fun to try Pinball FX 3 on my Surface Book, and decide to give a try to portrait mode, realising that you guys have put a touch control scheme on Windows ( yah! ). Guess it could work also with Surface Pro machines, anyway, love this feature, cause im able to set my resolution to like 720x1280 and i got a pretty nice portrait mode on a 13 screen, with touch control.

    BUT! Windows being Windows , there is this ‘amazing’ feature from Windows where you can swipe from the right edge to the left and make the action center pop-up. And guess how wonderful it is, Swipe nudge, well, got screwd badly because the action center pop-up and exit and pause the game... i wanted to try touch nudge, but it doesnt seem to work ( and there is no option on screen to disable FX effects btw, but the problem is not here )

    Anyway, if you have a quick solution, i would like to hear it. Its not that im playing on my PC ( mostly on IOS and Switch ), but wanted to see how it play on my PC, and wanted to play it like on my Ipad, but the action center is really screwing the experience. Waste ( as usual trying to fix a Windows problem ) about an hour, there seem to be no way to disable this amazing notification center.

    Dont waste too much of your time on this devs, im guessing im one of the rare ones trying to play it touch screen on Windows, if this notification center cannot be disable in any way during gameplay, i will just call it quit and move on . My performance on my Surface is not steady, just wanted to test it and see, but im shock to realise this action center cannot be turn off.

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    I don't know if you've tried but maybe both the solutions suggested here may help.


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      Hey thanks. Will give it a look!