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Attack from Mars: Strategy guide to Rule the Universe!

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  • Attack from Mars: Strategy guide to Rule the Universe!

    I did not realise prior to the release of the Williams tables that the skills I developed while playing Zen’s original tables don't translate well to the “real life” tables, irrespective of the physics mode (here are some notes on my journey to adjusting to classic arcade physics). My strategy for playing the zen tables always revolved around kickbacks (see here for an example of my approach for Fantastic Four) and most Williams / Bally tables don‘t really bother with those . Nudging thus becomes so much more important for keeping the ball out of the outlines. That doesn‘t say you can’t do well with the Williams / Bally tables without that, but you end up losing a few more saveable ball.

    Anyway, while building up to beat Attack from Mars on classic single player physics mode I thought I’ll see if the game is easier on Zen’s physics mode. I played around for a few minutes to get used to the different flipper angle and balls speeds and then I recorded a play through to Rule the Universe. The long and the short of it is that it is much easier because the ball is is more in your control.

    Below the video is the strategy I followed in the video, developed from my playing on both physics modes…

    - Hold the left flipper in at ball launch for the ball to go past the bumpers and come around to your flippers. You have a few seconds for a direct shot to the panel of targets under the saucer (you usually have to hit at least 3 times) to immediately start the Attack wave. It is well worth missing out on the 5x multiplier for that.
    - If you shoot directly for the panel, either to start the Attack wave or to attack the saucer, rather do it from the right flipper towards the right of the panel as it is a less risky shot. You can do a nudge pass or post pass to get the ball to the right side. Practise the post pass as the timing is different between single player and classic single player physics.
    - Most suggestions are to not shoot directly at the panel under the saucer but to bank your shots of the martian targets on both sides. I find the bank shots more risky but that is up to you to experiment with.
    - Flying shots at the Stroke of luck hole is risky so rather bring the ball under control first.
    - Forget about real life pinball tricks (drop catch, live catch etc.) to bring the ball under control as they take a lot of practice to get right reliable and end up increasing your risk..
    - In multi-ball don‘t just flail. This table (as many tables do) requires of you to aim and shoot for specific shots. Figure out the best way for you to bring the balls under control and try to aim and shoot one ball at a time. It requires flexibility to do well in multi-ball but overall, the better you can control the ball, the better chance you have of doing well.
    - The order I approach the tasks required to reach Rule the Universeis to start with Conquer Mars (i.e. Saucer attack) first. By the time you complete that you should have most of the other tasks completed especially 5-way Combo, Total Annihilation and Super Jets. If not, then I’ll aim to complete the mentioned tasks first as it interlinks them to a degree i.e. some of the same shots can contribute to multiple tasks.
    - The last two tasks (Super Jackpot during multi-ball and Martian Multi-ball) you can trigger whilst completing the Conquer Mars task but I find that if I concentrate on the Conquer Mars task, I still end up needing to complete them. Once Conquer Mars is completed, I find it easier to shift my attention over to all the uncompleted tasks.
    - Keep an eye out for extra balls as you stand a better chance of Ruling the Universe if you can collect some. They are from - Video mode, lighting all the lights that active stroke of luck in the in and out-lanes ten times, hitting the panel 10 times during Strobe Multi-ball and the easiest of them all - saving your first two cities during the Conquer Mars task. I haven't been all that lucky with “Stroke of luck” as it only rarely award me with an extra ball... but it is technically possible.

    Please let me know if you have any tips I can add or if you find that a different approach works better for you.
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    Hey thanks for this. I really need training with this table. Fun to play, but im not getting amazing scores.