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    Originally posted by PissPoorShot
    These are great works of art and I can't wait to be able to add them to my Cab ... thank you for your efforts
    Thanks man. These original backglasses are indeed great works of art. I hope that if the original artists of these backglasses were to ever see my inspired work from theirs, they would dig it too.
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      Final E.T. tweaks

      I think I'm good with this final version of E.T.


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        Will indeed look very good in a cabinet in the frontend.
        Shall look more often here as i would love to have them when they are ready


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          Medieval Madness

          update coming... =)


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            Williams Medieval Madness animated pinball backglass - STILL a work-in-progress

            Starting to come together. still a lot of work to do.
            - Trolls w/ blinking eyes, basic jittery movement, blowin smoke and shakin the spear
            - Dragon's fire breath revealing castle tower damage
            - Knight hanging on the Dragon's tail being all stabby
            - Wizard casting spells
            - Kings sword ignites when touching the flame in the logo
            - Castle gate opens/closes
            - Fixed some clipping issues with the Dragons belly when taking a deep breath and some wing issues
            - and added a scrolling night sky with a moon.... for a cow to eventually jump over

            and still maybe 50% complete! =)x

            much much MUCH more to come! Back to making money to pay the bills for now... will update this baby again when I can.
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              UNIVERSAL - JAWS - animated backglass

              Here's a simple JAWS one I did a while back, but due to its simplicity, I didn't post until now. I had thought about animating the woman swimming across the screen only to be taken out by the shark, water turning blood red as JAWS descended back down into the depths... but decided to add a simple water tweak instead holding more true to the classic art. Simple but effective.


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                Legal ramifications

                It has come to my attention that what I am doing here, by animating these backglasses, I am opening myself up to possible copyright and intellectual properties infringement... if I were to share these for download. While I may do this for my personal machine, once I share them, I would be disassembling and distributing a copy-protected piece of work.

                While I haven't received a cease and desist notification, I am now wondering if my hobby could harm me. Not sure what to do. Ideas? Comments? Any history that addresses this issue here?

                I obviously am not attempting to resell these in any manner, so I would think there is no harm to the license holder or original artist... but I'm not an attorney.

                Zen Studios... could you also possibly shed some light here with your thoughts please?
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                  I'm not a lawyer nor do I play one on TV.

                  I don't think your work would be at the top of the list for copyright violations. I would believe the Virtual Pinball that has the ROMs and other images would be high on the list. Your not making money on them. The worst I would image would be a cease and desist letter.

                  Gottlieb fiercely defends their copyrighted materials. The ROMs have been removed from the virtual pin site and those that reproduce art works. And i believe they sent a letter to cease, not actual money penalties or the like.


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                    Originally posted by ImagineVP
                    While I haven't received a cease and desist notification, I am now wondering if my hobby could harm me. Not sure what to do. Ideas? Comments? Any history that addresses this issue here?
                    You probably don't have anything to worry about, since Zen hasn't told you to stop or deleted your thread.

                    Zen has said multiple time in the past, that they read every thread that is made here.


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                      Had to register for the forums just so I could tell you how awesome these are! Incredible work, keep going!


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                        Thanx everyone

                        Thanx for the feedback... I would think what I'm doing would be welcomed, but everyone is so freakin' sue happy these days you never know. I've noticed there isn't anywhere on Zens' forum here where we can share any media like this with the community. Am I not seeing it? If so, where would you like me to upload these for you all to enjoy on your cabs?

                        I currently have finished and ready to share Champion Pub, Back to the Future, E.T., and Jaws. Since Medieval Madness is still a ways off from being completed, my last "work render" loops seamlessly and could be shared now too for those who can't wait to put it on their cab... like me. It looks awesome. Seriously.
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                          Here's a link to download the above animated backglass videos I'm either currently working on and those I have finished. Enjoy.



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                            These are awesome dude. Very professional looking. Great job.
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                              KISS - animated backglass - final render

                              Heres my final render for my custom KISS backglass. Still wanting to go back and do my thing on the original backglass artwork... someday


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                                Wooh !! That's really fun ! Good job !