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Attack From Mars, Classic Flying Saucer Destruction Animation

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  • Attack From Mars, Classic Flying Saucer Destruction Animation

    Hi all,

    I'm newly obsessed with pinball and Pinball FX3 is amazing, much better than previous virtual pinball games (TPA). The physics in particular seem so much more realistic to me.

    However, I just played classic mode Attack From Mars and to me the flying saucer explosion/destruction animation is noticeably underwhelming when compared to the table in real life, as well as when compared to TPA version.

    In each of those versions (IRL, TPA), the saucer shakes A LOT, and the flashing lights are positively dazzling. In contrast, the Pinball FX3 feels super subdued, the saucer doesn't shake as much and the flashing lights seem less.... flashy.

    I live in Brooklyn and I've been hitting up Sunshine Laundromat (look it up) a lot recently and they have a perfectly functioning AFM table there, so I have recent experience playing this table IRL.

    Regardless, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Pinball FX3 and I'm basically addicted as this point.

    I should add that, for me, lackluster animations like this definitely detract from my enjoyment of the game. This isn't an issue for Medieval Madness, for instance. I'm not sure about other tables that have sort of "animatronic" aspects to them. I played Junkyard IRL at Barcade (also in Brooklyn) yesterday for about an hour, but I haven't put any time into the Pinball FX3 version, so I'll have to see.

    Anyone agree, about Attack from Mars specifically?
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