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Animated Wheel Images for PinballX Front End Selector

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  • Animated Wheel Images for PinballX Front End Selector

    I suck at researching... can never find questions I'm searching for so here I am asking... Does the PinballX front end wheel selector allow for video files or just static images? In my quest to make stuff move, I think animated wheel images could be a cool little extra something something. Any logo with fire, explosions, cop lights, basic character movements would be easy enough rendered out with a transparent alpha channel and a super low file size. Answers? Thoughts?

    A little personal insight... I think my animation fixation started in 3rd grade when I made my first static object move. Sure it was a green plastic army man, a cup-o-gasoline, and of course the flamethrower army dude, but with a match I created better special FX than the Clash of the Titans movie at the time! Good times... the woods are a little thinner these days... but good times.

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    Of course... as soon as I ask this I find my disappointing answer. Static .png's. Wonder if the code could be changed to allow for video assets?...