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Portal - Menu Language?

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  • Portal - Menu Language?

    EDIT: Never mind....found out its a joke and part of it apparently.
    Please delete this post...cant find out how i can on my own

    So didn't know where to post this and i searched online cause this is just strange...
    Just got the Portal table today (from Steam) and i have about 15 tables in my FX3 running from Steam.
    When you are browsing around to choose a table as you click on the one to play it brings you to another screen (where you choose Single Play, Hotseat, Upgrades,..etc) and you hear some voice that calls out what table you are on or a little snip of something.
    All my other tables are just fine but Portal for some reason is in Spanish and all i can kinda make out is something possible saying "consult manual" or something...Anyone have Portal in Steam FX3 and have that happen? I dont see any table specific language. When i PLAY the game its in english just fine.
    Not the end of the world but just would like it corrected
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