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    Originally posted by Michelle911 View Post
    because computer users are cheating is apparently your meaning. have you alerted zen to the exploits you speak of? and what are they exactly?
    Zen has been informed multiple times over the past year or longer. As to how they cheat, it's not up to me to find out how they cheat that is up to Zen. I won't dignify your response by reposting the more than 30 images I have posted to the cheat forum or to their facebook account or the many times over the past year that many of us have discussed this within various message boards and included images showing scores like, 3,500,000,000 which in and of itself is maybe a 1 in 10,000 chance, but to get it on multiple boards repeatedly (scores all ending in all 000,000,000) is impossible, but if you wish, those images are readily available in various other threads.
    Accomplishments in real life

    1. Rolled a star wars played over 99 levels and rolled it back to level 1.
    2. Rolled Nintendo punch out, several times, same quarter.
    3. Played an entire game of dragons lair and completed it and won while blindfolded.


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      no need to be rude. this IS a discussion forum, if you don't wish to discuss that's up to you, but when you post your angst you should be prepared to follow it up
      Smack! That's how it's done!